How we serve

For our newcomers

Our Hospitality Team

We are/will be the first people you will encounter once you walk in! The welcoming team is in charge of helping the newcomers feel welcomed and get integrated into the ministry. The welcoming team members are the ones to go for church information and guidance!

John Oh

Nicole Ro


Our Prayer Team

This team was born from hearts to pray and grow prayer in our church. There are prayer meetings bi-weekly via video chat! In addition, there is a prayer meeting on Friday at church, in person. For specific times and video chat links, please refer to our Facebook group!

Nicole Ro

Ricky Pan

Peter Kang


Core Team

Core exists to facilitate discipleship through organizing and overseeing ministries and events. Core believes that biblical discipleship as mandated by Christ is accomplished in the context of the local church (Acts 6:1-6).

Yeabag Jong

Danny Shin

Austin Kim

Nicole Ro

Ricky Pan

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