Our Location


We're so glad you've decided to come visit! Please make yourself at home on our page and feel free to contact us about anything.

2701 S Woodgate Dr.
West Covina, CA 91792

Sunday Worship

WORSHIP TIME: 9:30 aM — 11:00 AM

  • Singing

    Call to worship begins at 9:30 AM

    We gather together as a church and sing through songs that remind us of who God is and the great gospel truth that He's given to the church.

  • Offering

    We contribute financially to support our church's various ministries.

  • Greetings

    We welcome one another as God has welcomed us. We welcome you as well.

  • Sermon

    We hear the Word of God being preached weekly so that we can know, love, and honor him daily.

  • Sunday Seconds

    Discussion begins at 11:00 AM

    After the worship service, we gather to discuss the sermon together and to pray for one another as we apply it in our daily lives. Although this time is optional, we encourage that you join.

Friday Night Bible Study

WORSHIP TIME: 8:00 PM — 9:30 PM

  • Singing

    Call to worship begins at 8:00 PM

    We worship the Lord in singing along with our CrossSeeds youth ministry!

  • Group Bible Study

    We study the Word of God together as we read through and discuss certain parts of Scripture. This time is rather casual, but still focused.

  • Late Night Grubs

    After we feast on the Word of God, we like to feast on... food. What we eat varies by the week, but we invite you to join us in an always wonderful time of fellowship.

Look for these faces!

Our Welcoming Team

We are/will be the first people you will encounter once you walk in!
The welcoming team is in charge of helping the newcomers feel welcomed and get integrated into the ministry. The welcoming team members are the ones to go for church information and guidance!

Reach out to us!

Austin Kim

Rachel Son

Hannah Lee

John Oh

Esther Soleimani

Rachel Son

John Oh

Tim Lim

Esther Soleimani

Peter Jeon